What are some far-sightedness symptoms?

What are far-sightedness symptoms? When you’re far-sighted, the eye is not focusing the rays onto the retina but is instead focusing the light behind the retina. Primarily, this leads to difficulty with close-up vision. Now depending on the extent of far-sightedness, some patients, they have problems even with intermediate vision, and in more advanced cases, they may also have difficulty with far vision.

Generally, this leads to eye strain; patients can get headaches or eye pain if they’re focused too intently close up. In some instances, driving can be difficult, whether in the day time or at night.

How we treat far-sightedness symptoms

The treatment for far-sightedness is to try and get the rays of light to focus back onto the retina, and we do this through a variety of ways.

I’m far-sighted, and I’ve worn spectacles for quite some time. I’ve tried single focus lenses as well as bifocal lenses. I find the bifocals very adaptable and very versatile because I don’t have to keep taking them on and off. With these, I can see far, intermediate and near at the same time, and my brain determines which zone of the lens to use depending on the task that I’m performing at that time.

Finally, we can use laser surgery to correct far-sightedness. Laser surgery aims to reshape the cornea so that it’s steeper and can focus the rays of light correctly. This has the effect of producing more part of the cornea and allowing the rays to focus on the retina rather than behind it.


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